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Snow Conditions

by PCW ~, 10 January 2010

Conditions are challenging at Penwyllt right now.

Jopo reports: The hill was gritted today (8th Jan) and is passable. There are frozen drifts across the track, in particular from Cwm Dwr carpark to the club gate - where I got stuck yesterday. Toby reports a lack of water at Maes y Crug [in Penwyllt village with whom we share our supply] so the club is probably out. Reckon the suspended section of pipe [from the Byvre stream] is frozen.

Top Entrance filled with snow, so Vince and Kim bodly went and dug it out.

Our advice is to check weather reports and the club calendar before you set out during this snowy period.

Thanks to The Hoff for the pictures around the club and to Vince and Kim for the Top Entrance ones (lower down):