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OFD 1 access route

by PCW ~, 17 February 2010

UPDATE: As of July 2011 these are the ONLY routes to OFD 1 (bottom entrance):

Cavers MUST NOT use the old route through the yard and garden at Y Grithig.

If you are walking from the SWCC HQ: take the road down the hill, past the houses, and take the footpath signposted on your right (through a gate). There is a bathtub a few metres down. Follow the path down for another 500m or so, through a wooden gate, and you will come to the site of a previous gate.

Turn left and follow the dry-stone wall slightly uphill. After a short distance you will come across a section of fence with a wooden top and some rough stones to stand on.
Cross here, turn right and walk downhill to the cave entrance.

Take care on this short downhill section as it may be muddy and slippery when wet.

If you are parking in the usual lay-by: walk down the lane as usual, but keep going past Y Grithig and take the footpath on your right (taking care to shut the gate - there are sometimes horses in here). Follow the path 100m or so up to the site of a previous gate and turn right along the dry stone walling, as described above. If you reach the wooden gate you’ve gone too far.

Access rules have also changed (Jan 2012). Please do not cross the fence anywhere else. Watch out for dragons.

The gate in this picture has gone and is now just uphill of your left turn

photos by PCW, thanks to Lizzy for modelling.