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Cave Rescue Auction and Party - August

by PCW ~, 10 September 2010

Report by Jopo ~ pictures by PCW

South and Mid Wales Cave Rescue Team

A BIG thanks to all who supported the annual rescue bash.

I hope not having a live band was not missed too much and barbecuing your own e-coli was ok? If you have a comment, or ideas for next year, please email me at brian.jopling [at] btinternet.com

The auction raised 737 which was very good considering there was little surplus rescue equipment and lots were donated mainly by club members, and snaffled up by members children.

The "top lot" was the 2 stroke outboard donated by Bob Radcliffe - and won by me! You never know with Bob but I did not buy a pup - it started after 3 pulls (better than Bob ever managed).

Our resident auctioneer Pete Francis was on top form again and Claire Garman a very able teller.

The original Soup Dragons did the food sundries and 100 was raised. The amber stuff raised 260.

A grand total to rescue of: 1,097 plus change!

In common with most charities we are expecting a dip in donations over the next couple of years and the rescue bash is an event we can always rely upon the club to support.

We look forward to your support next year (start donating lots anytime you like, we need good saleable stuff).

Many thanks on behalf of the Team. Jopo

Pete Francis keeps up the banter . . . One forensic bag, large, used . . .
The kids spent more money than ever. Daddy what's film? Its all a bit too exciting for Arwen . .

BBQ and sounds in the Plastic Palace. Thanks Dragons!

Just don't burn your bum on the brazier! (Tess)

SMWCRT website

Report by Jopo ~ pictures by PCW