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OFD1 Streamway - watch out!

by PCW ~, 15 November 2010

Update: As of January 2011 a shiny new pole has been put in place and the others are under observation. Thanks to Dobson squared and Clipjoint.

If you should go down to the OFD 1 Streamway - BEWARE!

As of 15th November the pole over the third (water-filled) pot is NOT IN PLACE - that's the third one you come to
from downstream, and the second one from upstream.

It's hard to traverse around the pot and it is 2m deep, so it will be a swim or lunge to get to the other side.

We advise that you take great care at this point especially if the river is high, until we can replace the pole (which was bent anyway) and its fixings.

Water levels are high and variable so please take care.