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SWCC go down a storm at Hidden Earth

by PCW ~, 01 October 2011

Last weekend's Hidden Earth was a great sucess by all accounts, and SWCC were right up there flying the flag! Claire Vivian takes up the story:

" SWCC had a great time at Hidden Earth! Winning the Best Club Stand award was simply one of the many highlights for the club last weekend. Brendan Marris won the prestigious Giles Barker Award for excellence in cave photography. And we also had well-attended talks from Martin Groves and Gareth Davies (Gorner Glacier Exped) on the Saturday and Phil Walker (Tresviso Exped) on the Sunday. Noel Dilly was the speaker at the saturday evening dinner.

Claire and Harvey on the SWCC stand

A big thanks to everyone who helped with the stand or provided photos/surveys: Tony Baker, Jill Brunsdon, Bill Buxton, Brian Clipstone, PCW, Steff Davies, Dave Dobson, Gary Evans, Keith and Sue Goodhead, Martin and Krysia Groves, Piers and Annie Hallihan (and James and Meghan), Pete Hobson (and Arwen), Martin Hoff, Duncan Hornby, Bernard John, Fred Levett, Elsie Little, Harvey Lomas, Brendan Marris, Allan Richardson, Richard Sore (and Emma), Phil Walker, Lisa Williams, Lizzy Wire (and Matt). It was a team effort.

Meghan, Arwen and James dominate the artificial cave!

We sold club merchandise on the stand in the exhibition hall and made a total of 158. It would have been considerably more than this if we had had more Faff Now mugs and t-shirts to sell - it appears that there is a considerable demand for these in the caving world, being a 'non-branded' product that members from any club can buy. However, not knowing what would sell, I only took a few of each with me and they sold out virtually immediately (the mugs were sold to traders/other club stands before the hall even opened to the public).

We also had a collection bucket for the OFD I land purchase and made 22.27 in small change donations. Furthermore, deciding that the OFD I purchase was a worthy cause that they wished to support, Scurion have donated us a lamp to auction/raffle at Ogof Fest! They were seated just to the side of us (and frequently blinded us with their lights!).

Some of the photos on display

Having spent quite a lot of time in the hall, I got the impression that everyone was extremely pleased to see SWCC represented and they were all very welcoming and supportive. I definitely think that SWCC should make every effort to have a stand at every Hidden Earth from now on.

ps. Our prize for having the best club stand was a weekend for 10 people at the Bradford Pothole Club, a 20 Bernies Cafe Voucher, 5 BCRA cave study publications and 5 Petzl baseball caps. Perhaps the BPC weekend could form one of our next away meets? The other items will be in the auction at Ogof Fest "

Many thanks too to Claire for all her organising!