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100 Years of Dan yr Ogof Exploration

by PCW ~, 22 August 2012

On the 21st August 1912 brothers Ashwell and Jeff Morgan first ventured up the river Llynfell and began to open up Dan yr Ogof. Having climbed up out of the river, they very soon found their way blocked by a deep lake. They returned the next day with another brother Edwin, Morgan Williams (their gamekeeper) and a coracle. . .

BBC and ITV News have articles on the subject.

What they went on to find is legendary, as are the discoveries made in the decades between then and now. Most notably around 50 years later Eileen Davies and others pushed through the Long Crawl to discover the splendours beyond. Read the 1966 Observer article with pictures by Alan Coase.

Here are some more recent pictures - and there is still more to be found . . .

The Morgan brothers and their coracle in Dan yr Ogof