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Young Member's Weekend

by PCW ~, 21 November 2012

By James Meredith ~ The 3rd and 4th of November played host to the first ever Young Members Weekend, which was a weekend organised by young members for young members. In total, there was approximately 20 young people there ranging from the ages of almost 17 to 5 years old. The main feature of the weekend was the caving trip to Ogof Pasg-Foelwen. This was a cave that had everything and certainly redefined kiddies caving and also had 12 under 18's underground all at once.

Thank you to Jules Carter for the caving photos from the trip and to all the adults who helped and transported people there and back. Also, a big thank you to Beth Lewingdon for car sitting on what was a chilly day in Wales. After an evening of fireworks, the children enjoyed carving pumpkins and decorating cakes and cookies. Thank you again to Beth for her amazing cookery skills.

Thank you to everyone who came and helped out over the course of the weekend. It was great to see so many younger people up there all at the same time making the event a huge success.

Emily, Dylan, Rhys G, Ellie and Tom

Tom, Ellie, Emily, Arwen, Ben V, Ben H, Dylan, Rhys L , Rhys G and Josh, the children that went to Ogof Pasg-Foelwen

Arwen, Emily, Dylan, Ellie, Tom on the way to Ogof Pasg-Foelwen
Emily Arwen Rhys G
Emily Dylan
Ellie Tom
Rhys G Ben H
Big kid Ali