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Club snowed in this weekend (updated)

by PCW ~, 17 January 2013

Thur eve: South Wales has been given a Severe (Red) snow warning for Friday and the weekend. We have reports that the Heads of the Valleys road (A465) has been closed this evening.

With over a foot of snow forecast we recommend that you don't try to get to the Club this weekend. PCW

Fri am Penwyllt: There has been an overnight dump of snow here, not the full 30cm that was threatened but about half of that. There is a very stiff wind and some drifting.

Nevertheless, access to the Club up the hill will be tricky at present and in addition, the short upslope at our end of the quarry will stop a fair number of vehicles. Anyone trying to reach the Club today should note that those of us here all found evidence of panic buying in the supermarkets over quite a wide radius, with bread and milk being totally gone. Stock up with your supplies before leaving.

If we can dig out Top Entrance, a team is going in today to deal with the loose boulder problem. Chris G

Fri midday Penwyllt: Road blocked at the moment, the snow has more or less stopped, you have to walk part of the hill, some deep drifts above the cutting. [see photos by Toby below]. Toby

Fri afternoon Penwyllt: John Lister was at the limit of automotive transportation [in his Landy] this afternoon descending the hill from the caving club. He advises that it is very unlikely that the hill is going to be passable by normal vehicles this weekend.

Sat am Penwyllt: It looks as if there has been only very little overnight snow. Last night Piers and Annie made it to the Club in their 4WD vehicle but only thanks to a couple of Land Rover drivers who were out playing at the top of the hill. They had bottomed out in deep snow and had to be winched back into action. A little later, Howard D with Kevin D made it here, but they were in a Land Cruiser.

Although the roads at the bottom are passable, it seems that access to the Club is still not possible for most vehicles. Chris G