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Brand New OFD I Survey

by PCW ~, 08 April 2013

~ from Chris Grimmett.

When you next visit the Club, take a look in the Long Common Room at the new wall survey which covers of OFD 1, Cwm Dwr and out as far as Fault Aven.

This is the first part of the cave to have been resurveyed by Brian Clipstone and a pair of Dobsini, with some assistance from others then compiled and drawn by Brian followed by a cartographic reworking from Clark Friend and proof-reading and print organising by Chris Grimmett.

The scale is exactly the same as before but you will see much improved detail, many more annotations and - it's in glorious Technicolour. The highest passages are coded in red, graduating downwards to purple for the lowest. All water, irrespective of its level is in blue - dark blue for sumps and pale blue for open water. The survey has been printed on PVC rather than conventional poster paper which should be much more durable and damp/beer proof.

One aspect that has already proved very popular is the addition of surface features including the cottages, The Stump, the track, station and fence boundaries. This makes it much easier to relate the orientation of the cave to what goes on above ground.

A well known law ensured that Twll Gwynt Oer was right where the roof beam runs across the LCR and the cave had to be moved across a bit with the aid of a pair of scissors. As the new and old surveys do not quite line up with each other, cavers doing a through trip between Cwm Dwr and Top will have to undertake a hyperspace jump to the East of Fault Aven [do not attempt this when water levels are high].

Here are some thoughts:-

Should we print the copies for sale in black and white or colour?
Would you pay a premium for colour?
Is plastic a better print medium all round?
Do we include official Fixed Aids on the survey?

By the way, don't bother telling us that we have mis-spelled Lowe's Chamber and Passage as Low's. When we did the checking through, we found that to the contrary, Low's has been mis-spelled as Lowe's for the last decade or three!