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OFD 1 - Water Depth Gauge

by Tim Lewingdon, 04 September 2015

Last Saturday, Stuart France and I finally managed to install a water depth recorder in the Lower OFD1 stream way. This has been a somewhat drawn out exercise, as we had originally planned to put it in the resurgence pool, but we found that the dam was too undermined to be of use, even though we did try to repair it.

The equipment consists of a pressure sensor mounted inside a 3 meter scaffolding pole and is bolted to the wall a short distance downstream of the Step. This is linked to a Recording device in a white plastic box bolted to the wall some metres above in a higher passage, this is near where the metal railings were removed above the stream way. The sensor is set to record the depth every 30 minutes, so if you are passing on the hour or half hour you may see a brief flash of a red LED. Currently the data will be collected every month by downloading on site. We hope eventually to be able to transmit the data to the club, to enable real time information as to the water levels to be available. If anyone has any experience of underground telemetry, please contact Stuart France, Graham Christian or myself. The data once collected will be made available in the SWCC Library.

The work was agreed to and supported by the SWCC and OFDCMC Committee's and the NRW. If anyone has any questions I will try to answer them. It is accepted that the current arrangement is untidy and it will be tidied up over the next few months

Allan Richardson