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OFD 1 - water Depth Gauge

by Tim Lewingdon, 10 January 2016

OFD Water Guage

Having got a stable system of water level recording in operation and results in the form of graphs now being displayed on the wall in the Long Common Room, the next stage of the process could get under way.

All data is currently historic, the eventual aim being to get real time data out of the cave and up to the club.

To this end, with clearance from Kerry Rogers (Senior Conservation Officer, Swansea Natural Resource Management Team in charge of SSSi’s) a data cable was laid from the water level recorder to the OFD 1 entrance last weekend. Where possible the cable is hidden in rifts or high up out of sight, behind boulders etc, in some places it is pinned to the wall or roof of the passage to avoid it snagging on passing cavers or being damaged by floodwater. Only metal or plastic fixings and wedges were used in order to avoid organic material being introduced into the cave. The work which took some 8 hours in total, was carried out by Graham Christian, Brian Clipstone, Andy & Dave Dobson and myself. With thanks to Pete Cardy for supplying the cable and for the loan of some cable laying equipment. We are now ready for Stuart France to sort out the electronics. Allan

All the data from December is available as an excel file.