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Little Neath River Cave, Bridge Cave & Upper Nedd Valley access

by Jenny Johnson, 12 April 2005

Update 11th July - Now resolved - see details.

(Report from Bernie Woodley, SWCC Conservation Officer, April 2005)
I am sure that, by now, most cavers will be aware that there are problems concerning access to the above sites. The current problems have arisen due to communications from the Countryside Council for Wales and the Health and Safety Executive to the Landowners. The problems involve health & safety and liability issues once again, further complicated by the use of Bridge Cave and the upper gorge by outdoor adventure groups.

Representatives from the Cambrian Caving Council and the commercial groups have engaged with the Landowners and we are in the process of establishing long-term access agreements.

Please will all cavers stay away from this area whilst negotiations continue. If any caver has an urgent need to visit any of these caves, they must use the Bridge Cave parking area and on no account enter the Blaen Nedd Isaf farmyard.

Unfortunately, this also affects anyone wishing to access Pant Mawr from the East. Please use the track from the Bridge Cave parking area. I know that there is a footpath through the farmyard but if cavers can please avoid using it at present, it will help tremendously with the negotiations.

The talks are proceeding well; I am assisting the CCC and am confident that there will be a successful outcome in the near future. If anyone has any relevant questions or comments on this issue then please contact me and I will try to address them.