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The Election results! SWCC Committee 2005-2006

by Jenny Johnson, 02 May 2005

SWCC Committee members 2004-2005

As selected at the AGM on 29th April - contact details are on the website. All members will be recieving a newsheet in the next couple of weeks with committee details and information on the resolutions of the AGM regarding insurance.

Chairman: Gary Vaughan
Secretary: Clarke Friend
Treasurer: Pat Hall
Editor: Steve Thomas
Training Officer: Bridget Hall
Equipment Officer: Bob Hall
Cottage Warden: Brian Clipstone
Rescue Liasion: Pete Dobson
Conservation Officer: Bernie Woodley
Records Officer: Iain Miller
Membership Secretary: Lel Davies
Communications Officer: Jenny Johnson
Fixed Aids Officer: Ben Stevens
Bookings Secretary: Keith Goodhead
Ordinary Member: Bill Buxton
Ordinary Member: Allan Richardson
Ordinary Member: Sue Goodhead