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Newsheet May 2005

by Jenny Johnson, 10 May 2005

You can now read the May 2005 newsheet on-line if you have registered. As the club year finishes at the AGM week you will soon receive by post a membership renewal form. The attached letter from Pat contains information regarding the decisions taken at the AGM on BCA insurance matters. There is information on this months events - some further details of the upcoming club caving trip to N Wales this weekend - see the website for details of the campsite. Also info on the 300th birthday party - full details and the dressing up theme in the newsheet.

And late breaking news that didn't quite make it to the newsheet regarding the plans for a 'Digging Week 2006' to celebrate SWCC's 60th anniversary by finding new cave - Tony Baker would like to hear from those with suggestions or just interested in joining in - read the latest news on the website.