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Break in at HQ - Cave Rescue Ambulance Stolen

by PCW ~, 16 May 2006

From Gary Vaughan.

The club has suffered its first major break in and theft for a number of years.

The break in occurred between 7.15pm on Sunday 14th May and tea-time Monday 15th May.

In all probability the event took place during the night. Entry was gained to the premises by smashing a way into Rescue through the hatchway bit of the garage door. The lock held, but the door broke. From inside Rescue, it appears that a way was forced into No. 1 Powell Street through the upstairs door. The padlock to the Lab was broken and the door of building stores was forced open. Apart from our Rescue Landrover Ambulance, a number of tools were also stolen.

Police report that there was a major cluster of incidents in the area on Sunday night, including others where tools were taken.

This event is very distressing. We have perhaps been lucky for a little while. Please rest assured that the Committee will be taking stock of the situation and circumstances and will give full and proper consideration to the security of the headquarters.

If you have anything that you would like to contribute please contact myself or any Committee member before our next meeting on 3rd June.

Gary Vaughan

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