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Rescue Ambulance Found!

by PCW ~, 23 May 2006

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From Gary Evans

The WBCRT Landrover has been recovered.

It was found in the Forestry above Banwen/Glynneath by a guy attending the Red Dragon Rally stage at Glynneath on the weekend. Jopo, Simon and Vince went up to look for it yesterday afternoon, but the superior search power of the Police Helicopter beat them to it.

The vehicle had been driven down into the trees and so would not have been found easily - we were very lucky that it was stumbled across on the weekend. It is in remarkably good condition. The medical gases are still on board - it was even locked and the alarm set!

It has been transported to the Police workshops for forensic examination and we should have it back in a couple of days. It will then go straight down to Landrover in Swansea for a thorough check over and will have new locks fitted and a Tracker System.