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Water water everywhere . .

by PCW ~, 19 January 2007

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. . but not a drop to drink!

It seems to be a fact of life that the river from which we (and our Penwyllt neighbours) draw our water, is more than a little capricious. Chris Grimmett reports below on the latest goings on:

"The week preceding the New Year was very wet, Friday 29th. December seeing particularly heavy rainfall at Penwyllt. The next day, a party that had gone up to the Byfre, noticed from the track that the dam by the water tanks looked as if it had been damaged by the previous nights floods, so went down to inspect it.

The Byfre River (breach is just before the first bend)The river happily bypassing the catchment tankTank full of silt and rocks (and not water . . )

The river had filled the top water tank with rocks and mud as usual, but this time had also washed out part of the dam adjacent and had scoured out a deep trench around the side of the tank. (The force of the floods had pushed a way between the gabions and the tank. ~ Gabions are large wire cages full of rocks that make up the dam, and can weigh several tons). The returning party met other members of the PWUA (Penwyll Water Users Association) who had recently discovered the water was off and were on their way up with shovels. As this was a more serious job, it was agreed to reconvene in force at the tanks on the Sunday morning.

The working partyIs it fair to fill gabions with cavers? 

The day dawned grey and wet; the first party up at the tanks jury-rigged the alkathene pipe to provide a temporary flow of water down the hill and had the supply back on-line by about 11-30. Reinforcements made up from PWUA members and SWCC began to arrive and as the weather worsened, two double gabions were installed and filled to block the breach in the dam.

Perfect conditions for pvc suits and wellies!Gabions finished  

The top tank was dug out and flushed through, the water supply being fully restored to normal by mid-afternoon. Thanks are due to everyone who assisted in the repairs."

Pictures by CG, except first one by GJC