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South Wales Bonfire party goes with a bang

by Jenny Johnson, 09 November 2004

pumpkin.jpg (24564 bytes)     

Bonfire and Halloween party 2004


Penwyllt was bursting at the seams by 11pm on Friday evening, with members and families all attracted by the promise of a bonfire party, complete with soup dragon grub, fancy dress, a DJ tent and a return of the famous rescue auction.

Saturday dawned rainy, as is traditional for a bonfire party.  Preparations were made though out the day, culminating in a huge pile of wood liberally soaking in fire aiding fluids and topped with a traditional Guy with a face made out of a newspaper of last weeks election results.  Once lit the flames were high and the telephone cable in danger.  Fireworks and sparklers came out, with many rockets and oooohs and arrrrhs.

fire.jpg (35152 bytes)

Once the fire is flaming...

monster.jpg (31272 bytes)

scary Monsters come out of the woodwork....

beards.jpg (30634 bytes)

along with very beardy cavers.

The soup dragons did us proud with spag bol followed with sticky toffee pudding and custard, and then it was off to the Rescue auction to see Pete Francis in action (handy hint, if you don't want to buy anything stay well away!).

auction.jpg (35434 bytes)

Pete pursuades his audiance that they need to buy buy buy.....

disco.jpg (39977 bytes)


As the night wears on things become more blurry.

 Finally the night was rounded off with a traditional singsong in the long common room for the hard core partyers into the early and not so early hours of the morning.


More sights of the night......

witch1.jpg (35152 bytes)width= witch2.jpg (31272 bytes)width= beard2.jpg (30634 bytes)width=
fire2.jpg (35152 bytes)width= sparkler.jpg (31272 bytes) beard3.jpg (30634 bytes)