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The Quarry is re-opening!

by PCW ~, 11 March 2007

The Committee have learned that the Penwyllt Quarry is to reopen for 12 months, and this started on Monday 5th March with blasting in the lower of the quarry cuts.

Tarmac has won the contract to supply stone for lining the trench for the new gas pipeline between Swansea and Brecon. Steps have been taken to re-commission the quarry, installing a mobile crusher, weighbridge (the sale will be by weight) and workers huts etc.

The work will be complete in 12 months after which Tarmac (presumably Hobbs Holdings) will accept a voluntary prohibition order, restore the quarry (guided by a consultant ex CCW) and hand the lease back to Hobbs. The idea is that about two thirds of the stone that could have been taken before the planning permission expired in 2042 will be extracted. The quarry are limited to the present depth in the lower bench AOD 340m. The BBNP [Brecon Beacons National Park] have been consulted over this, although CCW [Countryside Council for Wales] have not.

Blasting will be on weekdays, however stone will be moved on Saturday morning as well. Concerns about our access, outfall of washing water onto our land and potential damage to cave have been flagged with both Tarmac and the Environment Agency (EA). Tarmac have agreed to tell us about any cave found. The EA are looking into several of our queries about the discharge of ‘Trade Effluent’ which goes onto our land near the top of the road.

Fred Levett and Clark Friend -

So as you come up the Penwyllt road watch out for quarry lorries trundling down (especially at the steep narrow section)

We have also been told that neither the depth nor the skyline will be changed.- pcw