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SRT and Cowstails Safety Warning

by PCW ~, 12 May 2007

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There seem to be some conditions where your cowstails karabiners could become unclipped from an anchor by mistake.

Please see the warning notice from the CNCC.

See the link for specifics, but the general conclusions are:

1. Always clip up and through the anchor so that the karabiner gate is on the outside

2. While manoeuvring, watch the attachment krab.

3. Always have captive karabiners on cows tails/safety loops

4. If possible, ensure that you have two safety devices connected. (due to the embedment depth of the Eco anchor it may not be possible to insert two karabiners and a rope. An alternative may be to tie the rope directly into the anchor and clip the rope loop).

5. Consider using screwgate or twist gate krabs on safety loops/Cows tails.

6. When belaying/top roping etc. where there is a necessity to move around, it may be desirable to tie into the anchor.

7. If rigged, clip into the rope and not the anchor.

Thanks to Geoff Amabilino for spotting this.