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Working Week - the whole story

by PCW ~, 15 July 2008

The 2008 Working Week took place as usual at the end of May.

Full Story and Pictures & Rachel's talents (as a Poet)

For the uninitiated, this is a fun, busy, and often rather boozy week, where members are encouraged to help even for a day or two with tasks ranging from ceiling painting to sizeable construction works. It's all in aid of keeping our wonderful and world-famous Club Cottages safe from the ravages of Welsh weather, and to counteract the effects of hordes of grubby cavers over the years. Come along next year if you can. Gruff was there and has lived to tell the tale - just!

Rachel is being measured for turning clearance . . Gryff the paint brush - real bristles . .

Chris Grimmett takes up the story: As is now standard practice, there was an overdue party caving on the first Saturday, but they were only late due to going down a cave other than the one on their ticket.

This year, the major job was the long awaited completion of Ladies' Showers. In addition, there was the construction of a new washdown area for dirty kit over by the pit and away from the main buildings. Rather annoyingly, a prolonged period of fine weather leading up to the Working Week broke to unsettled conditions and featured for several days a very strong Easterly wind that rattled the slates and kept people awake at night.
In addition, the high winds caused a number of electricity power failures which further delayed progress.

The showers were nearly completed, but work remained to be carried out on these and the washdown area. This was completed a few weeks later. A good quantity of the routine painting was done and Married underwent yet another change of colour.

Thanks are due to the Dragons who fed and watered the workers all week and to all who made their time available to help.

Chris Grimmett (Chief Wrangler of the Office of Working Week)