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New Year 08 / 09

by PCW ~, 01 February 2009

New Year 2008 / 2009

Those escaping to Penwyllt over New Year were treated to a gorgeous clear, cold week of icicles, hoare frosts and low sunshine.

Inside there's rather a lot of activity - and not all of it healthy . . photos by Graham, Ben, PCW and Jenny.

Our icy water supply ~ photos by GJC Nant Byfre icicles
Ice crystals Pen y Fan from fan Hir ~ by GJC
Pen y Fan ~ photos by Ben
Jim cycling towrds The Gap, Cribyn in the background
A frozen Sinc y Giedd
Another frozen Sinc y Giedd
Caving by bike! Disused railway tunnel
Waterfall on Nedd Fechan ~ by Ben
Janine is Queen Dragon today ~ photos by PCW . . while Lizzy chops . .
. . .and James rips up chicken with his bare hands.
An inpressive spread.
The outside loos did get a bit chilly
Harvey got more lap got more lap dancing than he could handle.
Peter H and Jem deep in conversation . . . Peter F has been winding Nurse Lizzy up, he is going to get a bed bath.
We are not egging her on. Bonnie is entranced by something shiny in Ash's pocket.
Rachel is enjoying an Alien experience
The Girls are strangely attracted to Quilly's stoat - or is it a ferrett?

Only 2 hours to go! ~ by PCW

Frosty views ~ photos by Jenny

Ian and an icy waterfall
Jim and Tony get down with the champers . .
James and Sarah would like a small bubbly of their own one day . .
It's time!!!!!!!! ~ by Jenny