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Caption Competition

by PCW ~, 06 April 2009

In all innocence (!) Gary Jones sent in this picture of himself and Liz
on their holidays. It was too good a chance to miss.

Here are the results, judged by Rachel

1st place: Chris Grimmett

The sexual life of the Joneses
Is stranger than anyone thinks
At the end of their mating season
They went to visit the Sphinx

But the Jones's posterior sphincters
Became blocked by the sands of the Nile
Which explains both the Jones's expressions
And the camels' inscrutable smiles

2nd place: Ian Alderman


Ian's offering is a visual one (of course). Roll your mouse over the main picture to see it.

3rd place: Anon

The view to Top Entrance after Global Warming

4th place: Brian Parkin

I think the beach is this way . .

5th place: Bob Radcliffe

Pull my finger . .

6th place: Pat Hall (Jeddah)

Just how far do I have to go to escape from the reach of SWCC?

[clearly autobiographical]

Thanks to everyone for their captions. If you have any ambiguous pictures
for a future competition - send them in!